Hello Lilliput Library #305

Our newest Lilliput Library is on site at 41 Sir Tim Wallis Drive, Wanaka which is the “Play Space” Outside Wanaka Sport and Rec / Wanaka Pool.

Paula Mitchell, the Guardian says, ” I work for the Queenstown Lakes District Libraries and in a collaboration with Libraries and Sport and Rec, there is a “Play Space” being developed out the front of the building. This is a place where kids and adults can sit, play, hang out and chat. A place of connection. We wanted libraries to have a presence and so the idea of a lilliput library and a painted bookshelf mural was born! I worked with the Men’s Shed at Wanaka Community Workshop who built the lilliput for us and I have been working with some amazing Mt Aspiring High School student to get it and a mural painted. It has been a bit of a community collaboration!”

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Lilliput Libraries 301 – 307

Welcome, haere mai to Lilliput Library 301. This is our first “Whare Pukapuka Iti”. It’s located at 9 Ayr St, Oban, Rakiura/Stewart Island, outside the Snuggery Cafe. The cafe’s owners, Maggie and Simon, have taken a bilingual approach to their cafe.

Rakiura/Stewart Island now has two Lilliput Libraries/ Whare Pukapuka Iti, both under the guardianship of Pip Leask . Thank you Pip, Maggie and Simon.

Lilliput Library 302 is located at 28 Windsor St, Invercargill, outside The Little Shop of Zen. Please help yourself to books, and drop any off if they’re in good condition. The shelves need filling.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 303. Kaikorai Valley College’s LL has been a student initiative and is receiving a very positive response from the community already. Built by Eric the groundsman, it’s situated outside the school gym. The school address is 500 Kaikorai Valley Rd, Bradford, Dunedin. Go take a look, find a book.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 304. Nicola McGregor emailed and said “I have been very inspired by the lilliput libraries and have set one up, just opened today! It is located at the Kidsfirst Kindergaten Cromwell, 25 Gilling Place. It was built by the Wanaka community workshop and installed and helped by the Rotary club of Cromwell.”

LL 305 – info still to come.

Please welcome LL306 to our book family. It’s located at 11 Scotia St, Waikouaiti. Go for a wander, take a look and find a book.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 307 to the Lilliput clan. This one is located at 110 Beach St, Waikouaiti. Chris Watson is the Guardian – go check it out.

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Lilliput Library 300

WE ARE 300! The wonderful Lilliput Library at Kinloch, Glenorchy is our 300th Lilliput Library. Thanks to Glenorchy Book Group and the Glenorchy Heritage and Museum Group for working together and adding the library onto their History of Kinloch Outpost.

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Lilliput Libraries 290 – 299

I’m so very happy to introduce Lilliput Library 290. It’s located at 21 Swindon St, Ophir and is looked after by the Ophir Welfare Committee. The magnificent artistry on this LL was the work of Lucy Low and Debbie Malcolm.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 291 to the Lilliput family. It’s located at 99A Kanpur Road, Broadmeadows, Wellington. Ross Nava and family built our newest Lilliput and also created the terrific artwork.

I am so very happy to introduce a new Lilliput Library (no. 292) on this first day of 2022.

Please welcome new Guardian Stephen Baird to the Lilliput family. From Stephen – Here are photos of the new Lilliput Library outside my house at 374 Stuart Street, Roslyn. It started operation today, 1 January 2022. The decorative panels are by my Wellington visitors: grandaughters Lucy (12) and Daisy(6). The lettering was by their mother, my daughter Sophie ( age unspecified!). So it was truly a family affair and great fun.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 293.

The new Guardian, Nola Turner, says – Our Library is outside an old Primary School which now belongs to Fonterra Clandeboye. A handful of us decided to create a library for our local rural community. It is beside our large Fonterra Clandeboye Manufacturing Site, and the Clandeboye pre-school. Fonterra owns the old school and this is now our training centre. Our staff love to read books in their breaks and so we decided this would be a great wee community project where everyone could benefit from this. Location is: Kotuku Place, Clandeboye. A lot of people pass by here to go to the Rangitata huts and fishing so we hope they may grab a book as they pass. We are also hoping to keep up a supply of children’s books so the nearby kindergarten can enjoy this too.

LL 294 – waiting for a photo, Kakapo St, Gore

Please welcome Lilliput Library No. 295 to the Lilliput family. It’s on site at Little Rock Preschool,1056 Brighton Rd, Brighton. Zoe Armstrong was responsible for the terrific artwork.

Please welcome LL 296, now on site at 42 Young St, St Kilda.

Guardian Emma-Kate Lamb says, “The Lilliput is now up! The girls have started it off with some surplus reads they’ve finished with, and is likely to have a number of kids books at any one time. It will also have a wee basket to use as a seed library, which was the initial drive behind getting the Lilliput. People can take seeds to grow, or leave seeds that have been collected (pop seeds in an envelope and label name of seed, and the year collected). This will take off more in Autumn, as seeds ripen.

Oamaru has a Lilliput Library. LL297 is on site at 20 Forth St, Oamaru North. Guardian Hazel Agnew says it needs a good feed! Please feel free to drop adults or children’s books, in good condition, into the latest member of the Lilliput Library family. Thanks to the Oamaru Menz Shed for making this to Hazel’s specific design.

LL298 was registered tonight. It’s located at 63 Breakneck Road, Herbert. The Guardians are Tina and Paul Toschi. Please welcome them to our LL family.

Please welcome LL299 located at 15 Dunblane St, Maori Hill, Dunedin. Jamie-Lee Powell, the Administrator at Redroofs Lifecare says “This Lilliput Library was a community effort for the youth and elderly!!! Our previously employed Diversional Therapist, Dani Crosland, had a wonderful idea for our residents to be part of the community spirit up here in Maori Hill and teamed up with Otago Youth Wellness Trust (OYWT). Led by Mark O’Donnell at OYWT the children in the programme helped to plan and build the library sourcing materials and learning how to follow plans and use the necessary tools.

One of our resident’s, Alan Gibb, did a wonderful job of decorating and weather proofing the materials for us so that it will stand up to the ever changing Dunedin weather.”

Mr O’Donnell (OYWT) then came back with some more students and installed the library; now it is up and running, we would love to add it to the map!

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Lilliput Libraries 280 – 289

Lilliput Library # 280 was gifted to us as an ‘extra’ by one of our Guardians. This Lilliput is located at 7 Seaview Rd, Brighton, Otago. Go take a look, find a book and call out hello to Guardian Munirah if she is about.

Wow! Another Lilliput Library has joined the family. Please welcome LL #281. It’s open for reading and is located at 6 Islay St Glenleith, Dunedin. Robyn, the Guardian, looks forward to seeing books come and go from her Lilliput.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 282 to the Lilliput family. Freyja Munro emailed to say her husband & her have just taken over the Kakanui Camping Ground just south of Oamaru. They had set up this wee library and were keen to become part of our family. There looks like some great reading there. Check it out next time you’re in Kakanui.

Lilliput Library 283 was installed today at 201 Crinan St, Appleby, Invercargill. Avid reader Miller and his Mum Raechel are the Guardians of this Lilliput Library. This is another Lilliput built by the fabulous guys at the Taieri Blokes Shed.

Welcome to Lilliput Library 284. It’s located at The Shop, Toko Mouth Domain Road, Toko Mouth 9292.

These two Lilliputs – LL285 and LL286 are located at 5 School St, Kaikorai, Dunedin, and were placed on site by the Roslyn Scout Group. Their Cubs and Keas built them with the help of Bunnings in Dunedin at a special evening community session held just for them. The Cubs and Keas then spent weeks designing and painting the libraries.

Bravo, residents in your area are doubly spoiled😊🙃😊

LL287 photo still to come. Located at Logan Park High School in Dunedin.

Introducing Lilliput Library 288. It’s located at 186 Gladstone Rd, Dalmore, Dunedin. Bonnie is the Guardian of this beautiful Lilliput.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 289. It’s located at 8 Barrington Place, Richmond. Sarah Maxwell is our newest LL guardian.

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LIlliput Libraries 270 – 279

A huge welcome to our newest Lilliput Library. It’s located at 67 Doon St, Mosgiel. This Lilliput, No. 270, was built by Guardian Kay Solomon’s husband and painted by the Taieri College 2020 Art teacher and class. Co guardians Chewie and Luka can be seen peering through the bubble in the fence. Everyone is most welcome to use this Lilliput, especially the residents in the nearby retirement village.

Lilliput Library 271 is located at 62 Tedder St, St Kilda, Dunedin. Go check it out. Welcome to Stephanie Lynch the guardian – it’s great adding you to our Lilliput Library family.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 272. Melissa Laucht emailed to say she’s set up a LL located outside Elmslie House at 81 Stone St, Wanaka.

LL273 – This has been a team collaboration with the creation of this library. The pictures on it were painted by Kate with the front door being painted by Cassandra.

The site is an idea by Reforest Northern Southland.  It is placed beside the community nursery but is being turned into a “green space” for everyone to come and enjoy.  There are going to be information signs with facts about the Gollum Glaxiids – an endangered native fish that lives in the creeks around Lumsden. There will also be some plants installed in large plant pots over the next few months.  Our mural was created recently by Deow and shows the Kingston Flyer which used to go through Lumsden and a South Island Kokako, believed until recently to be extinct.  We are hopeful that it has been found. The library is set at a good height for our young people and those in wheelchairs to enjoy.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 274 to the family. Pam Anson is the guardian and her Lilliput is located at 166 Sands Crescent Matarangi on the Coromandel Peninsula.

LL275 and 276 – pictures still to come

It’s wonderful to share news of a new Lilliput Library, no 277. It’s located at 9 Huntly Rd, Outram and its owners are the Matchett family who were previously the Guardians for Lilliput Library no 30 in Taieri Road.

LL278 is located at 36 Dacia St, Lumsden. Guardians are Jeanna, Kate and Kathryn

This has been another team collaboration with the creation of this library. The pictures on it are from stories that Jeanna’s children read when they were younger and were painted by her 18 yr old daughter, Cassandra. A mix of NZ and overseas authors. It’s set at a good height for our young people to enjoy.

A new Lilliput has joined our family – #279. It’s located between the two polar bears at 7 Maheno St, Maori Hill, Dunedin.

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Lilliput Libraries 261 – 269

Sharee Knapp sent me an email tonight with a photo of their LL built by her husband Darcy. LL261 is positioned at their letterbox on Klondyke Road, 122 Klondyke Rd, Mokoreta. If you’re like me and wondered where’s that, it’s in Wyndham, Southland.

Please welcome LL262. It’s located at 160 Kapiro Road, Kerikeri – our first LL in Kerikeri. Thanks to the Stephenson family for organising their Lilliput Library and taking on the role of Guardians.

Alrighty we have a new Lilliput Library😄. Number 263! It’s a recycled tv cabinet which Guardian Irenie Sparks has altered and beautified. Location -1204 Peel Forest Road, Peel Forest Village.

Please welcome LL 264 to the family. Sarah Jane Robertson is the Guardian and the colours well – they give away the region! It’s located at 110 Wakari Road, Dunedin

Please welcome Lilliput Library 265 to the family. It’s located at 779 Brighton Rd, Ocean View, Dunedin. Janne Anderson is the Guardian and Barbara Cushen is the artist.

Please welcome Lilliput Library 266 to our growing family. It’s located at 14 Ardwick Street, Gore. Amelia and Olivia helped Dad and Granddad build this Lilliput Library, then the girls painted it. Mum, Karla, and the girls are the Guardians.

Please welcome Lilliput Library #267 to our family. Built by Sarah Clark and her partner it’s located at 24 Kingfisher Crescent, Albert Town. Congratulations to our latest Guardians.

Please welcome Guardian, Sylvia Hendriks-Whautere to our Lilliput Library family. Lilliput 268 is located at 18 Cyrus St, Whalers Gate, New Plymouth – our first LL in New Plymouth.

Would you look at this wonderful Lilliput Library! No 269 was built and installed by Alison, Nick, Lucia and Alex. Lucia and Alex decided on the space theme and decorated it themselves. It looks amazing. Located at 3 Dryden St Normanby, Dunedin -it’s right next to the bridge entrance to Chingford Park.

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Lilliput Library 255 – 260

LL 255 is located at 11 Moreau St, St Kilda, Dunedin. Carolyn Douglas Mann is the Guardian.

LL256 is located at 17 Centennial Ave, Milton. Alison Adams is the Guardian – the Lilliput was assembled by her 79yr old husband Gordon Adams. Alison has told me she is continually stocking her library and has regulars using it since it was erected 6 weeks ago.

LL257 – photo still to come

LL258 is located at 84 Risinghurst Tce, Lake Hayes Estate, Lower Shotover. The Guardians are Jennifer Smart and Stephen Dalley. The artwork is by Dan Peysner.

Gary Younger is the Guardian of LL 259. It can be found outside One Agency, 1 Kensington Avenue, Whangarei.

Guardian Deborah Wilson’s Lilliput is no 260 and is located at 720 Highgate, Maori Hill, Dunedin. .

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LIlliput Library 253 – 254

LL 253 and 254 were constructed by the West Otago Blokes Shed and painted by members of the Blue Mountain Art Group. Camping Ground LL is 253 and the one Lilliput leaving town is 254.

On Northumberland St as you leave Tapanui
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Lilliput Library 252

Yeah we have a new Lilliput Library. It’s located at 49 Leven St, Roslyn and its guardians are the Haddow Family.

Did you know that Lilliput is a fictional island that appears in the first part of the 1726 novel Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift?  It’s inhabited by tiny people who are about one-twelfth the height of ordinary human beings. 

So one night when I was lying awake trying to think of a catchy but relevant name I remembered Gulliver’s tiny people and it seemed a good name for our tiny Libraries.

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Lilliput Libraries 243-251

PHOTO WILL BE COMING SOON. Nikki and Tanya are the guardians of the Riverlands Lilliput Library -no 243.  It is located in School Road, Riverlands, Blenheim.  School Road is part of the Riverlands Rail Trail, which is well-used by cyclists, runners and walkers. Nikki and Tanya would like to thank Graham for his building skills, Mark for designing the colour (Blondinee Red) and painting skills and Brian for the handwritten Lilliput Library wording

LL 244 is at Makikihi School, 12 Makikihi Station Road, Makikihi,
LL 245 is at the corner of McPherson Road and SH1 at the Waitaki Bridge
LL246 is Waimate Main School’s Lilliput located at John St

L 247 is located at 67 Poole St, Motueka. Tracy Francois is the Guardian. Local artist Dani Hedges is
responsible for the artwork.

LL248 Jacks Point resident Jillian Miller is both artist and guardian of the Lilliput, which is located at the Jacks Point Playground on Maori Jack Road. 

The Wanaka Upper Clutha Lions Club have their 2nd library up and running with lots more requests for them!!! This Lilliput Library – no 249 – is located at 107 Meadowstone Drive, Wanaka
Catalyst Trust’s Lilliput Library, No 250, can be found on the Kingston Domain on the corner of Kent and Cornwall streets. Art work by Kingston local Emma-Kate Moore and built by Kelvin Peninsula handyman Hugh Skinner. Jess Davis is the guardian.

LL251 is Stewart Island’s first Lilliput Library. It’s located at 2 Main Road, Oban, Stewart Island. Many thanks to artist and Guardian Pip Leask.

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Lilliput Libraries 237 – 242

Community Law Otago in Princes St have set up a little library for clients to take a book and give a book. Sounds like a Lilliput Library! Welcome to the LL family number 237.

LL238 is the first LL at Beaumont! Guardian Vicki tells me it’s near the Beaumont Hall on East Ferry St. Go find it, take a book and enjoy.

LL238 at Beaumont

The Wanaka Upper Clutha Lions have put up their first Lilliput Library in Wanaka. It’s located at – 37 Lagoon Avenue, Albert Town. The guardians are – Mavis Quayle & Gaye Thompson. Mavis, one of the Lions Members, is also the artist. Welcome Lilliput Library 239!

LL 239

A new Lilliput Library for Dunedin. It’s located at 55 Evans St, Opoho. Alan Jackson is the Guardian of Lilliput Library 240. Go take a look and find a book and admire his garden while you’re there.


Here’s Lilliput Library 241. It’s located at 150 Maitland St, Dunedin and Natalie Veale is the guardian.


Fancy some GOOD NEWS?
Please welcome Lilliput Library 242 to the LL family. It’s located at 92 Lagoon Cres, Bellbowrie, Queensland, Australia. Denise writes -‘ we have tried to incorporate the NZ Wood Pigeon into the library (hopefully it is a little recognisable) and as we are originally from Zimbabwe, we have an African theme on the other side. One day I will incorporate a bit of Australia on the back wall which is also visible to some passers by.’

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Lilliput Libraries 227 – 236

Owaka you are HUMMING. Your second LL is in the Owaka Swap Shop veranda (sheltered from the Catlins weather), located at 3 Ovenden Street Owaka. The Swap Shop is the guardian. Well done Annette Patterson – great organisational skills and a marvellous artist!

Welcome to LL 228. Built by the Taieri Blokes and now almost ready to go on site at The Pukeko Store and Cafe, 37 Main Road, Hari Hari . Stop and see if it’s there when you’re passing. The artwork looks terrific!

LL229 is located at Bradford School in Dunedin. Poems in the Waiting Room donated it to Bradford School via the Little Landers Literature Programme. Room 5 children were responsible for the artwork and will also be the Guardians. Brilliant news.

LL230 is located at 16 Arthur Road Pounawea – the third in the Owaka area. Huge thanks to Murray Patterson for its construction, Annette Patterson for her organisational skills and Maree Parker for taking on the role of Guardian. It’s going to be a hit with locals and holiday makers.

LL 231 and can be found on site at the corner of Ravelston and Cavell Sts in Musselburgh, Dunedin. Why not take your dog for a walk and check out this dog friendly Lilliput Library!

Lilliput Library. No. 232 The residents at Glendale retirement home have arranged building, decorating and installing their library. It’s located at 47 Glenelg St, Dunedin.

Cotswold Preschool and Nursery’s Lilliput Library is LL 233 It’s located at 37 Colesbury Street, Bishopdale, Christchurch.

Owaka you take my breath away. Welcome, welcome to LL234, the 4th LL in Owaka.This one is located at the Bake House Takeaways, 8 Waikawa Rd, Owaka. Thanks to Dane for providing this terrific site. The Guardians are the team at the Swap Shop. Thanks again to Annette and Murray Patterson for their building, art and coordination skills. You two are gems.

 LL235 is located at 576 Brighton Rd, Westwood. Sincere thanks to Guardian, Dave Still and artist Jemima Pedro Davison.

LL 236 is on site at Concord School, 5 Thoreau St, Dunedin. It is a stunning LL – a huge welcome to our family. The guardians are the pupils at Concord School – wonderful.

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Lilliput Libraries 217 – 226

LL 217 is located at 27 Font St, Kaikorai, Dunedin. This very special Lilliput Library was made by the guardian’s son-in law for her 70th birthday. It’s lovely having you join our LL family Lynda Gemmill.

LL 218 is now on site at 33 Fairview Tce, Sawyers Bay. Say Hi to Carol, the Guardian, if you see her when you’re looking at the books!

And now for the Waimate Lilliput Libraries!

Find out more about all the Waimate Lilliput Libraries here  

LL 219 is at 154 High St, Waimate.

 LL 220 is located at Waihao Downs School.

LL221 is at Ikawai Hall, LL 222 is at Morven Domain and LL 223 is at the Community Link building.

More Lilliput Libraries for Milton

Brilliant news – To celebrate Scout Scarf Day Milton Scouts gave away the first of 4 Lilliput Libraries they have made to Tokomairiro Early Learning Centre in Johnson Street in Milton.

LL 224 is being relocated to the Scout Hall at Mosgiel – more information when it’s up and ready for community use. The Scouts will be its guardians.

The first of many West Otago Lilliput Libraries?

LL 225 is ready for readers at Seddon Hill Road RD5 Gore (5 minutes) from Tapanui. Thanks to Guardian Jann Robertson who tells me there are three more to go up in the West Otago district. What a beauty!

Owaka’s first Lilliput Library

LL 226 is on the front lawn of 6 Royal Terrace, Owaka. Annette Patterson is the Guardian AND the amazing artist.

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Lilliput Libraries 206 – 216

While out walking yesterday we came upon this Lilliput Library at Tainui School. I emailed the school to see if they wanted to join our family and here’s the amazing response from Dave, a class teacher. “As an optional homework activity we asked willing students to design (on paper) their idea for a Lilliput Library. To my surprise, a student in my class came to school one day with the finished product. It came complete with a step by step report and photos documenting the construction, and instructions on how our community should use it.” Please welcome LL 216 .

Please welcome Tommy’s ‘Just for Kids’ Lilliput Library at 60 Scroggs Hill Rd. It’s our 215th Lilliput Library.

Lilliput Library 214 is on site. Go check it out at 47 Table Hill Rd, Milton. Leanne & Ross Burgess are the Guardians of this very cute Lilliput. 

LL213 is on site at East Taieri Preschool -13 Cemetery Road, East Taieri, Mosgiel. One of their amazing parents painted this Lilliput.

LL212 is at 27 Corbett St, Enoggera, Queensland, Australia. We’ve sent our plans to a large number of Australians but they’ve all wanted to give their own name to their Libraries. Jac Gallagher is our first Australian Guardian who wanted to belong to Lilliput Libraries

Please welcome Lilliput Library 211 located at 217 Ferry Rd, Christchurch, but actually round the corner on Nursery Rd. 
Migs says:
The Quaker Meeting House moved to Ferry Rd (close to central city) after the Christchurch earthquakes. Our Lilliput Library had to wait until more urgent things got done. Listeners and other magazines are proving very popular, as well as the books. The front is plastic with magnets, which works well.

Please welcome LL210 – now on site at 17 Aubrey Rd, Pataua North, Parau Bay. This is the 8th LL in Whangarei. It looks fantastic.

If you’re in Milton take a wander to 63 Chaucer St and check out the newest LL, it’s number 209 and is looking fabulous.

LL208 is in Shoebridge Cres Ngunguru Whangarei and LL207 is in Otuhi Rd, Wheki Valley Whangarei.

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