A Christchurch Lilliput Library

Please welcome the latest Lilliput Library located at the Village Presbyterian Church – corner of Ilam and Aorangi Roads, Bryndwr, Christchurch.

Terrific news from Annie Boardman today.
“Our Lilliput Library was officially opened in November with a wee celebration with the children who attend our Kids Club (photo attached of our book worm cake!) and then had an excellent 24 hours of borrowing before the library was vandalised. Fortunately, it was not fatal, and we now have a much more robust (reinforced) library and an indestructible (we hope!) plinth for it to rest on. We have been delighted with our first week of ‘business’ with 63 children’s books and 17 adult books being borrowed. Our second Lilliput is now decorated, undergoing final construction and awaiting its concrete plinth.”

Congratulations Annie and team. We are thrilled for you.


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Keep on counting – 142, 143,144



Welcome, welcome to Lilliput Library no 142. It’s located at 51B Council St St Kilda and Nic Rolleston is the Guardian. Pop along to check out the books and admire Jocelyn Hudson’s artwork.


Lilliput Library 143. is located on guardian Julie Orr -Wilson’s neighbour’s fence in Brownville Crescent. There was an amazing turnout of residents to welcome this stunning Lilliput. Thanks to Ireland Jacobs for the artwork, Julie and Chris for being guardians and organising the event along with coffee and croissants. Go take a look and find a book.


A warm welcome to Lilliput Library 144. It’s located at 39C Green Street, Mosgiel – at the north end of Green Street just past Silverstream Primary School. The Downes family are the artists and Guardians. It’s a super fantastic Lilliput. We are so pleased you have joined our family.

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138, 139, 140, 141


LL 138 went up yesterday. It’s located at Rotary Park Kindergarten, 289 Highcliff Rd. Please pop along and have a look at all the great books.Thanks to the Kindergarten for joining our community of Lilliputs. Thanks to Lucy Goldsmith for the lovely artwork and painting and to the Taieri blokes shed for making it and putting it up. Welcome, welcome LL 138.

Welcome, welcome to Lilliput Library 139! Pop by for a look, a browse and a read.

“Hi there, we at Montessori Mosgiel at 65 Murray Street have a Lilliput Library with the support from the Taieri Blokes Shed. It has many childrens books in it at the moment but hope for a wide variety for all in our community.

We also have utilised this wonderfully designed box to be home to our community pantry where people can donate extra non perishable foods and those needing a bit extra can come and take goods as they need. We hope this will be well supported by our community and success really is reliant on the goodness of peoples hearts, just like the Lilliput Library.”

Capture 1Capture 2Capture 3Capture 4Capture

“We are proud to say our Lilliput Libraries – one for adults and one for children, are up in our garden and being well used by our community. The children at Mosgiel Central Kindergarten are extremely proud guardians of our libraries as they helped to decorate and now stock and restock regularly.”

How brilliant two Lilliput Libraries on site at 3 Irvine St, Mosgiel. Books for tall and short readers. Call by and have a browse. We love your artwork Mosgiel Central Kindergarten. Welcome, welcome to the Lilliput Library family LLs 140 and 141.

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Lilliput Libraries 136 and 137


This beautiful Lilliput Library is open for browsing, reading, taking and sharing books.. It’s located at 61 Beacon St, Waihola. Keryn Goodsir is the Guardian and she thanks Placemakers Mosgiel, John Morrissey and Marty Van Turnhout for all their help and supplies. It’s LL no 136.

Brand brand new at 259 Taieri Road, Lilliput Library 137. Bridget Pearce took our plans and look what she’s come up with! Bridget is the Guardian of this delightful LL.

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LL 131,133,134 and 135

We went for a wander last night to see Dunedin’s newest Lilliput Library. It’s at 54 Royal Tce just along from Olveston. A neighbour saw us checking it out and we enjoyed a wonderful chat with her. That’s what Lilliputs tend to do – start conversations! Why not take a look and a book today. Welcome to our ever expanding family LL 131.

Look at these stunning Lilliput Libraries in Clyde. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the LL family.  Read all about the Clyde Lilliputs here

LL 133 is located at the Clyde School

P1050411.JPGLL 134 is on site at 83 Hazlett Street

LL 135 is at 135 Hazlett St


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128,129 and 130


LL 128 is in the Cromwell Heritage Precinct – it’s down the alleyway beside Scotts Bakery, lower Erris Street, Cromwell. Barbara Emmett is the secretary of the organisation that runs the Precinct and she contacted me to say their Lilliput is up and running. This LL is special to me as once long ago, before it was drowned, I was the Librarian at the Library in Old Cromwell. Nice to think there are books back there again.

Back to Dunedin we travel to visit LL 129. The guardians are the Gardiner family – John built the post, Liam painted the post and Carole decorated the library. It’s tucked into the edge of the garden on the corner of Skerries and Bidston Streets, Outram. Do stop for a browse, you might find just the book you’d love for some summer reading.


LL 130 is open for reading. It’s located on the corner of Cutten and Bathgate Sts – 44 Cutten St, in South Dunedin. Welcome Guardian Pru to the Lilliput Library family!

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LL’s 126 and 127, both out of towners


A recycled first aid cupboard has been spruced up and turned into an amazing Lilliput Library. It lives at The Terrace School, Marslin St, Alexandra. Isabel Radka emailed me these photos.


Welcome, welcome to Lilliput Library 126 we are so pleased to have you in the family.

Guardians Malcom and Lynda Hodge sent me these photos of their Lilliput Library today. It can be found at 43 Hardie Place, Albert Town. I love the lettering, the artwork and the handle.


If you’re a permanent resident or a holidaymaker keep an eye out for some great summertime reading from LL no 127.IMG_0777

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