Lilliput Library no 43 is open


Tammie and Tracy Huntleigh Smith wanted a Lilliput Library so they organised a friend to build one.


Ron Esplin donated his painting skills and talent.


Lilliput Library no 43 waiting to be collected.


On Sunday I went to the launch of Lilliput Library No 43. You can find it at 47 Oregon St, Ocean Grove. Go check it out and get yourself a book, or two!

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39 and onwards…..


Lilliput Library no 39 ready for delivery



Off to 95 Centennial Ave, Helensburgh.

On site

On site and under the care of Amanda Ireland.

Many thanks to the Bayfield High School New Masters group for painting this Lilliput Library.

No 40.


Lilliput Library no 40 was funded, built and painted by the Allanton Women’s Institute members and one husband. It is in sited at the Allanton Community Hall in Grey St.

No 41

Progress photos at 2 Scroggs Hill Rd, Brighton.

FinishedThis brightly coloured Lilliput Library is under the guardianship of Debby Foster. Go have a look, and take a book.

No 42

In place 4

Lilliput Library No 42 is at 93 Mornington Rd.

In place

It was painted by the New Masters students at Bayfield High School

In place 3

Debby Newton is the Guardian. Go have a look, and take a book

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St Leonards School has a Lilliput Library

This beautiful Lilliput Library is the 38th one to be sited in Dunedin. It’s wonderfully bright artistic work was completed by Room 2 at St Leonards School. I’ve got a box of books ready to drop off one day this week – and then it will be ready for you to have a look and take a book.

St Leonards Room 2

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In the news again


Port  Chalmers School Lilliport Library was launched on Thursday and because of the inclement weather the launch was moved into the school hall. Marnie Waaka and her Room 8 class were the instigators of this library. The children all wrote to me inviting me to come along to their class and talk about Lilliput Libraries and they asked if they could have one as they would be the best guardians ever. So I went and had a chat with them and took along their naked Lilliput Library. Robert Scott, a teacher aide, artist, and singer, painted the Lilliput after receiving heaps of advice from the children. There are 23 children in the class and 23  children feature on their Lilliput Library. The children and Robert wrote a Lilliput Library song which they sang at the opening and we also watched a video the children had made about their school and plans for the Lilliput.


The children had a tour of several Lilliput Libraries early on in their Lilliput project and even visited the Taieri Blokes Shed to see where most of the Lilliputs are made.

After the Library was officially opened we enjoyed a scrumptious morning tea! This library is for the use of the school and all the community.


The School playground and yes they do have bee hives!



And yes they do have an anchor in the playground.


The school has the sea on one border.

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In the news

Young Masters Bayfield1

Another Lilliput Library in the process of being painted

With an OAR radio recording this week ( going to air on Saturday July 30 at noon on the All good poems wear travelling shoes segment)  and this quick tv interview in my lunch break today Lilliput Libraries is in the news. They didn’t have time to film our latest Lilliput Libraries so instead they inserted scenes from the opening of The Valley Project’s fridge/freezer Lilliput Library.

These two libraries are now finished and just waiting for the varnish to dry before they head off to their guardians. I’ll let you know the locations next week.


The second Lilliput Library being painted by Bayfield High School students.




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Lilliput Library no 36!


A sneak peak and close up photo of one of our Lilliput Libraries being painted, along with the fence, at 71 Newington Ave, Maori Hill, Dunedin.


And all finished. Diane Smith is the guardian of this Lilliput Library and she would love you to have a look and take a book.

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A button Lilliput Library


The latest, gorgeous, stunning Lilliput Library.


Yes, it’s open for reading


David and Barry checking out its contents


It’s located at 11 Selkirk St, Roslyn


Beautifully painted and decorated by Jeanette and her granddaughter. Jeanette and David Baker are the guardians. Go have a look, take a book!

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