Lilliput Libraries 178,179 and 180

LL178 is now on site at James Hargest College, Junior Campus, 6 Layard St, Invercargill. It was painted by artist and teacher at the Junior Campus Melanie Larsen, and Keri Cochrane the school librarian is the guardian. Welcome to our Lilliput Library family!

48 Carlyle St


Please welcome Lilliput Library 179 to our Lilliput community. It’s located at 48 Carlyle St, Invercargill. Jenny Chilton is the Guardian – go take a look and find a book.


Welcome to LL 180 – it’s located at 5 Gretton Park, Quail Rise, Queenstown. Thanks to artist Ryan Mawhinney and handyman Toby Wheatley. And Catalyst Trust’s steady supporters – Landsker Construction, Mega Mitre 10, Resene and Queenstown Library.



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Lilliput Libraries 175, 176 and 177

LL 175 is now on site. It’s located at 21 Scurr Road, Scroggs Hill. The guardian is Maria Lane. Have a look, find a book!


Please welcome LLs 176 and 177 located at St Francis Xavier School at 27 Benhar St, Maryhill.

The Lilliput Libraries were made by the Taieri Mens Shed. Artist and teacher Kerry Mackay was invited to inspire the children at St Francis Xavier to help with the design for the two new Lilliput Libraries based at the school 27 Benhar Street Mornington.
The artist Peter Henderson, a local potter, was used to inspire the children’s ideas. He draws quirky characters on plates, bowls and cups. During the drawing workshop with St Francis young artists Kerry emphasized playing with line and exploring ideas without worrying about being overly ‘careful’. Children spontaneously drew things and characters from books and their imaginations. Many drew pets on a lead which Peter often draws alongside yellow clouds.

From a page of drawings Kerry selected one or two images from each artist and painted in black on top of some blocks of colour. They were then overpainted using yellow and orange, as Peter often uses orange in his ceramics. We are very proud of our libraries. There will be a children’s library and an adults library. We are looking forward to sharing our libraries with the local community.




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LL 172, 173 and 174

LL 172 is the second community Lilliput Library at Sawyers Bay School.

Jo Barr says, “The senior Maths Club children built it and Ange Spears (a very talented parent from SBS) painted it with a Star Wars theme. This LL is located down by our brand new bike track and a park bench, the perfect place for parents sit back, relax and have a read while their kids are biking. Or the kids could have a browse the books while the parents are on the track!”

29 Ngapara Street

LL 173 – looking fantastic!

LL 173 is located at 29 Ngapara Street Alexandra. This Lilliput was organised by Lions Club of Clyde and districts. The guardian is Central Otago Living Options and the artist is Lucy Low supported by her art tutor Debbie Malcolm.

1 Royal Terrace

 LL 174 is located at 1 Royal Terrace, Alexandra. The guardian is Heather Pickering and Debbie Malcolm, an artist from Alexandra, was responsible for the wonderful artwork.

Deirdre Kokich says, ” Lions Club of Clyde and Districts is having a fun time with these little Libraries.  It’s been an awesome fun service project for us and our project team has had so much fun working together. 4 more libraries in the pipeline for Alexandra. Will keep you posted as they come on stream.” Well done Lions Club of Clyde and Districts!

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LL 169,170 and 171

for map

Jenny Beck is the Guardian of LL 169 located at 9 Fifield St, Roslyn. It went up without pomp or circumstance – I just came across it one morning while out walking. The artist was Deb Wood.

LL 170 was purchased by South Island Dairying Events and will be a Lilliput on the mooove! It was first used at the SIDE at the Dunedin Centre in June of this year. Sheryl McCammon was responsible for this very appropriate artwork!


The Luggate Book Group is responsible for LL 171. It is located outside the Store at Luggate on State Highway 6. The Store in an earlier life was the stables for the Hotel next door. The Red Bridge design is by Kerry Perkins. The Maori name on the library refers to the area around here which was historically a food gathering location.

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More books for Lilliputs

Thanks to our USA Lilliput Library supporter, I bought two piles of books for our Lilliputs last night at the 24hr Regent Book Sale. And I still have $25.00 left to purchase more books! Sincere thanks David Lippman.

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Lilliput Library 168

Another beautiful Lilliput Library joins Catalyst Trust’s Wakatipu network! This Lilliput Library can be found in Arthurs Point Atley Road mailbox line up. Many thanks to both the neighbourhood guardians and local artist.

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Our first Lilliput Library in Rolleston

IMG-2222This Lilliput Library, no 167, is located at 99 Fairfield Way, Rolleston.

Ruby helped with the construction of her Lilliput and she also painted it. Ruby is a cat lover (hence the artwork), loves drawing and creating and can bury herself in a book for hours on end chasing the sunny spot around her room.

Thanks Ruby. We love your Lilliput artwork!

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