Lilliput Library family expands again

Welcome to Lilliput Libraries no 82 and 83.

Another luscious Lilliput Library is open for business. This wee beauty, No 82,  is on site at the corner of Harrington Point Rd and Allans Beach Rd in Portobello – opposite the garage and 1908 Cafe. Guardians Jenny and Rob Weeks have stocked it full of great books. Go take a look, admire the artwork and the shells, find a book!


 Lilliput Library no 83 is launched. You’ll find it at 24 St Albans St, Bradford. It’s a mother and daughter project with Marilyn Edge being the guardian, and the painter of the sunny yellow, and daughter Jo Renton creating the design and painting the remainder.This is a record – they painted and installed it within a week of collection!. Marilyn said she’s already fed it twice – it’s very popular.
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Introducing Lilliput Libraries 80 and 81

Introducing Lilliput Library no 80 – it’s located at 22 Ross St Roslyn. One of the Otago Childcare Centre teachers translated and transferred the children’s ideas onto their Lilliput Library.Brilliant isn’t it! It’s for all the community to use – go take a look.

Lilliput Library no 81 is open for reading. Huge congratulations to Richard Young and Donna Rutherford, the guardians who built this gorgeous Lilliput, and to artist Eleanor O’Neill. You’ll find it at 62 Albert St, St Clair. Go take a look and find a book.

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Our Calendar Lilliput Libraries


We created two 2017 Desktop Calendars featuring 24 Lilliput Libraries. Our February stars are 7 Scotia Street, Port Chalmers and 15a Marlow Street, St Kilda.

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78 and 79 are here!

Our 78th Lilliput Library is now open for book lovers. Guardian Diana Hudson told me that three books were popped in her Lilliput before she had a chance to fill it! Huge thanks to Emma Simpson Boyce for her fabulous artwork.Go check it out at 16 Easther Crescent.

Lilliput Library no 79 has just been installed. Its guardians are Ruth and Norm Anderson and you’ll find it on the fence at 36 Beach Road, Long Beach. Artist Cath Garrett painted this stunning Lilliput.

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Lilliput Libraries 76 and 77

Russell Walker, with the help of his granddaughter Maia, built this wonderful Lilliput Library and filled it with books. Go take a look. Lilliput No 76 is located at 7 Kakanui Road, Kakanui.

Lilliput Library no 77 is located at 33 Baldwin Street in North East Valley. It’s renowned as the steepest residential street in the world. But don’t worry, 33 is at the start of the ascent. Belinda Cridge and family are the guardians. Andy McCready’s artwork is fabulous. Go and check it out.

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Remembering Murray Paterson

Our beloved friend and neighbour of 30 years, staunch Lilliput Library supporter and designer, and the brilliance behind the 21 Hunt St Lilliput Library, Murray Paterson, very gently left this world on January 1. We will miss him tremendously. Lilliput Library Guardians and friends and the Poems in the Waiting Room trustees send all our love to Jan and family – Ruth.


Muz building steps up to the site of the 21 Hunt St Lilliput Library


Muz and Barry having a laugh – note Muz’s extension to the Lilliput Library


Muz ALWAYS had a building project on the go!


Muz visiting LL no 2 at Aramoana -with Doi and Olive.


Muz and Jan enjoying a visit from Dan Pryor

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Lilliput Libraries 74 and 75


Lilliput Library no 74 is located at 19 Hoylake St, Outram and is under the guardianship of K. Mercer. The amazing artwork was created by Holly Aitchison’s team at ArtSpace. It’s brilliant – thank you peoples.

Lilliput Library No. 75 is located at 9 Sunbury St, Andersons Bay and is hosted by the Gibbs family and their cat Angel. The fabulous artwork is courtesy of Tori Clearwater. Go take a look, find a book – Angel may request some attention, even a pat! ENJOY

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