A huge thank you to Dunedin Public Libraries for gifting Lilliput Libraries several boxes of their ‘after sale’ books. This donation has given us a huge boost and will ensure all the Lilliput Libraries will be well stocked on their opening day.

miller studios

Thanks to Miller Studios for their positive response to my request for assistance with materials for the Lilliput Libraries. When you wander past a Library and can see through the perspex to the books inside, that’s all due to Miller Studios.


Thanks to Mitre 10 Mega Dunedin for donating 8 litres of mistint paint – our Lilliput Libraries will lap it up!


Sincere thanks to the Creative New Zealand, Creative Communities Dunedin Scheme for approving the Lilliput Library funding application and allocating a grant to get the scheme up and running. We’re so very grateful for  your amazing support!

BunningsCHEERS to Bunnings Warehouse Dunedin. Katie and her team have supported our Lilliput Libraries by constructing several Lilliput Libraries and donating all the materials and workmanship.


Immense thanks to Resene for their amazing contribution to our project – boxes of potluck paints for our Lilliput Library artists. Resene have also offered ongoing support of our project if we expand beyond Dunedin.

gecko press

Thanks to Gecko Press for generously supplying us with a box of curiously good children’s books from around the world.

Hachette NZ

Thanks to Hachette NZ for the wonderful box of books which they sent down to be distributed among Dunedin’s Lilliput Libraries.

Menz Shed

Handshakes and hugs to the guys at Taieri Blokes’ Shed. An amazingly supportive, hardworking and fun group to be around. They gifted their labour and immense experience  – constructing 24 Lilliput Libraries.

nzfgw icon

Thanks to the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women (Otago Branch) for allocating a grant enabling us to  construct another 10 Lilliput Libraries.   We’re very grateful for  your support!


Your support of PitWR throughout the years and now your willingness to support our Lilliput Library project is outstanding. Sincere thanks.


Grateful thanks to the DCC Small project scheme for supporting the Lilliput Libraries project.


Sincere appreciation to Otago Community Trust for supporting our project and taking an ongoing interest in Dunedin’s Lilliput Libraries.

upstart logo

Sincere thanks to Upstart Press for gifting two boxes of amazing books to our Lilliput Libraries.

McmIllan logo

Thanks to MacMillan Books for supplying Lilliput Libraries with a box of wonderful new titles – our readers will be delighted!


Sincere appreciation and thanks to the BDS for their ongoing support of Lilliput Libraries. Packages of preread BDS books regularly arrive at my front door for distribution among our Lilliputs.



4 Responses to Thanks

  1. Linda McLaren says:

    Thanks Ruth for replying to my inquiry I am originally from Dunedin, I love this idea of free books in the community, We have free gardens all over the town, just help yourself, so free books would fit in well I love to read as do my daughters.
    So is it ok to just set it up, give it a different name Geraldine’s Mini Library or some thing like that, cheers Linda LMC

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wendy Perera says:

    I would like to donate some children’s books where shall I courier them too?


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