LL 125 is on site

Hello to our newest Lilliput Library number 125. She is is on site at 113 Bayview Road, St Kilda with her Guardian Helen Taylor. Please call by and check out the books.


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Hello to Lilliput Libraries 123 and 124

A warm welcome to Lilliput Library no 123. She resides at 40 Riccarton Road East with Graeme and Julie France. 123 was built by Graeme France, and designed and painted by their Yr 12 neighbour who might be involved in a new chair project. A real neighbourly effort – bravo.


Lilliput Library 124 is now open for readers. Toni and Derek Auchinvole are the artists and Guardians of this neat Lilliput Library. Go find it at 43 Maryhill Terrace and welcome it to our Lilliput family.

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Welcome to Lilliput Libraries 121 and 122

6 yr old granddaughter Evelyn painting the topJill's LL

A wonderful Welcome to Lilliput Library 121! Jill Van Der Loo is the Guardian and it’s located at 103 High St, Mosgiel. This address is on the corner of High and Hagart Alexander Drive.

Luckily for Jill she had her granddaughter Evelyn available to paint the top of the LL while Jill concentrated on the rest. It’s looking terrific – thank you Jill and Evelyn!JillsMosgiel


We have a new Lilliput Library for Labour weekend.

Lilliput Library 122 was built, by Guardian Raimo Kuparinen, from recycled wood and perspex kindly donated by Miller Studio. The address is 215 Forfar St – Corner of Forfar St & Glenpark Ave, Maryhill.

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Lilliput Libraries 117,118,119, and 120

This is Margaretha Cambridge’s Lilliput Library. It’s located at 195 Dalziel Road and is simply gorgeous. Margaretha is responsible for the lovely artwork on her Lilliput.

Hello Bannockburn.

Welcome to the world of Lilliput Libraries.

Lesley Turner’s Lilliput is located at 2 Hall Rd, Bannockburn. It’s LL no 118 and was painted by Lesley’s daughter, Wendy Sneddon. Fantastic job Wendy!

LL no 119’s family live at 21 Royal Cres although the Lilliput is actually in Gourley Street. This was a school holiday project for Chris Knopp and family,  made out of a couple of old school desks and bits and pieces. Go take a look, it’s terrific. I love the cat who checked us out as we were taking photos!


Lilliput Library 120 is sited at 17 Lock St, St Clair. Margaret MacKenzie chopped a portion of her hedge to make way for this Lilliput painted by Taieri High School Students. Happy Reading neighbours and residents of Lock St and surrounds.


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Lilliput Libraries 113,114,115 and 116

Little glimpses of this gorgeous Lilliput Library no 113. It was painted  by Julia Albrecht and family for the guardian Catherine Daly-Reeve. You can find it on site at 19 Mercer St.



This lovely Lilliput Library can be found at 7 Fry St, Fairfield. Sue Partel, the guardian, organised this wonderful Lilliput Library sign. Thanks to the Greater Green Island Community for sponsoring Lilliput Library 114.

20496257_10155426318704651_246112593_nLilliput Library 115 is located at 464 South Road. Sande Jones organised the construction and she’s also the artist. Keep an eye out for further art developments on Lilliput 115!

Lilliput Library 116 is on site at 14 Ross St, Mosgiel. It’s full of great reading. Judy Williams is the guardian and Emma-Kate Lamb provided the gorgeous artwork.

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On the move

When Spruce Design Store recently moved to 5 Factory Rd, Mosgiel their Lilliput Library moved with them to their new premises. Why not pay a visit and check out its new location. You could even donate a book as a house warming present!

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Wakari Hospital, Lilliput Library 112


Welcome, welcome to our newest Lilliput Library!

No 112 was built from bits and bobs of forgotten wood located around Wakari Hospital. The paint was donated and both patients and staff hammered the Lilliput together. It is located just inside the main entrance to the hospital and is a wonderful addition to our Lilliput family. Go check it out, it’s there for everyone to use.

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