Lilliput Libraries 200………205

LL 200

No. 200

Lilliput Library 200 should pop up in the next fortnight. Here’s a sneak peek, location to be revealed soon…..

LL 201


Lilliput Library 201 is located at 5 Manikato Lane, Flemington, Lincoln. It’s opposite the play park on the reserve. Sincere thanks to Nicola McDowell for building this Lilliput for her community to use and being the first LL Guardian in Lincoln.

LL 202Capture

Lilliput Library 202 is in Dunedin, on site at 27 Brockville Rd, Glenross. Mel Sym is the Guardian and she also organised the construction and painting.

LL 203


Lilliput Library 203 is located on the fence at 2 Cobblewood Ct, Parklands, Christchurch. This is near the entrance to popular walking tracks in Bottle Lake Forest. Made by the New Brighton Menzshed and now in the care of Guardian Jenny Dickinson.

LL 204


Lilliput Library 204 is located at Waverley Park School – 55 Eden Crescent,Waverley, Invercargill – under the Guardianship of Viv. LL 204 was constructed by the Invercargill Menshed , artwork designed by school librarian Elli and painted by Elli, Tayla, Ryleigh and Viv. 

LL 205Mairtown KIndergarten 21 Princes StLilliput Library 205 is up and running outside Mairtown Kindergarten, Princes Street, Whāngarei! The children at Mairtown are really excited about being the kaitiaki of this Lilliput.

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