145,146,148, and 149

Lilliput Library 145  is on the Silverton St fence of Gail and Graham’s 9 Jeffery St home. The Lilliput Library looks onto the pedestrian crossing going over to the old Andersons Bay Presbyterian Church. Thanks Gail and Graham for the quick build and decoration. It looks stunning.


Would you take a look at this neat Lilliput Library! Emma Hendriks is the Guardian and the artist. LL no 146 is on site at 77 Hall Rd, Sawyers Bay. Go take a look and find a book now.



Lilliput Library 147 can be found at 9 Bush Road, Mosgiel. Kathy and Eileen are the guardians. I’ll pop a photo up here next time I go out to Mosgiel.


LL 148 is on site at 23 Barra St, Karitane. Huge thanks to: Guardian Estelle Marr, her husband for building the Lilliput Library and her friend for the marvellous artwork. Yeh Karitane’s first Lilliput Library!IMG_0973IMG_0974IMG_0975

There’s a new Lilliput Library on the corner of Police Street and Vogel Street. Susan from WILDTHINGS was responsible for organising this LL. When it came to the artwork she was granted permission to use the concept and design of the well-known children’s book, “Where are the Green Sheep” by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek. LL 149 is now filled with books and looks fantastic. Go take a look and find a book.


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