Lilliput Library 87 is at 17 Seaview Terrace under the guardianship of Jocelyn and Ken Clark. Claire Beynon is the very patient artist who painted this library – the detail is amazing.

Lilliput 86

Lilliput Library 88 can be found at 63 Stirling Crescent, Mosgiel – Mel and Jan Hollis are its guardians. Love their decorations and artwork!

Lilliput Library no 89 is open in Ranfurly. Amie Pont and husband Jeff have built, painted, decorated and filled a Lilliput Library. It’s at 9 Northland St, outside Amie’s gift and coffee shop, The Practice. Call in, have a browse, and a drink, and take away a book or two.

Lilliput Library no 90 is located at 12 Melrose St, Roslyn and has Jay, Nina and Louie as its Guardians. Take a look at the fabulous artwork depicting the family!

Lilliput Library 91 is open for readers. Lhizz Browne is the Guardian and also the artist. Go for a wander, take a book and have a close up look at this beautiful Lilliput Library. It’s located at 186 Pine Hill Road, Dalmore.

64 Rebecca Shaw is the guardian of Lilliput Library no 92. It’s located at 64 Harwood St, Harwood. I love the story of how this Lilliput came about. Rebecca emailed ” I was thrilled to see the library in Harwood a while ago. I visited Karen and Kevin to congratulate/thank them and Kevin suggested I get one so the ensuing discussion resulted in Kevin building me one! The next step, is painting it.” So a wonderful collaborative Lilliput. Thanks to Kevin Hutt for constructing this gorgeous Lilliput and to Rebecca and her daughter for the artwork. Two Lilliputs in Harwood – brilliant!

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