Lilliputs 71, 72 and 73

Lilliput Library no 71 opened on December 17 at Harwood. Her guardians are Kevin and Karen Hutt. Kevin built and painted this fantastic LL which is at 18 Tidewater Drive.


Lilliput Library no 72 opened on December 18 at 45 Sutherland St, Central City.

Elaine Webster who also lives in Sutherland St has created a glorious colourful library which is a real pleasure to walk past. Neighbours, and others gathered at the home of Diane Brown and Philip Temple, guardians of this Lilliput Library, to enjoy Christmas treats and drinks. Animated conversations, great story telling and laughter prevailed.


Friends, neighbours and supporters – Barry Arnison, John Bone the siting builder, Maxine, Diane Brown, Philip Temple, Elaine Webster, Cherie Royds, Ruth Arnison and Sheryl McCammon.

elaine-websterElaine Webster, Lilliput Library No 72’s artist.

Lilliput Library No 73 is open for readers at 7 Montpellier St.

Painted by the artists at Studio 2, No 73 is on the former High St School site which is now owned by Cohousing Otepoti. The word ‘Essequibo’ refers to the name of the original house on the property before the school was built. Go take a look……..


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