We’ve reached 70

Introducing Lilliput Library no 68, now on site at 34 Allandale Road, St Clair. Wendy Middlemiss is the Guardian and Artist for this beauty. The Stain Glass Decoration on the side of the Lilliput mimics a window in Wendy’s house.

Earlier this year I received a request from Kerry Adams at the School of Midwifery. Her Year two Bachelor of Midwifery students were discussing how they could provide books for women who are in longer term antenatal inpatient care at Queen Mary and they wondered about having a Lilliput Library. So we provided the Lilliput Library, the students organised all the permissions and were responsible for the artwork. A warm welcome to Lilliput Library no 69.

Merry Christmas from Lilliput Library no 70. Christmas is an all year round event at 19 Magdala St, Tainui. Sarah Marshall is the Guardian and the Artist. Her theme – Christmas Owls. Young Jordan has been waiting for this day forever – and he got to take the first book from the Lilliput. Take a look, it’s a gorgeous work of art. Take a book to leave there and take a new one home.

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