The official opening of No. 32


Margaret McTear reading her poem today in honour of the launch of her Lilliput Library

Marg launching Lilliput no 32

Whoosh! Another Lilliput Library is open.


Readers of all ages were in attendance


Margaret’s launch poem

No. 32 Lilliput is at number 32
For all in Dunedin to come and view.
Take a book
Share a book,
Pass it along  or bring it back!
There will always be room on our Lilliput rack.

Thanks to husband Barry and instigator Ruth,
This amazing Community project is real proof
Books are alive
Art is too,
The folks at Artsenta could possibly tell you.
It’s taken hours to produce, not just a few.

So lets dedicate this great little house…
And all books within…
To BOOK LOVERS everywhere.

Now let us go in…….
Hot soup and savouries, sorry no gin!


Ruth and Margaret before going inside for Margaret’s soup and savouries gathering.


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One Response to The official opening of No. 32

  1. lethally says:

    Yay! I’ll have to come and check it out! 🙂


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