Lilliput No 32 is open for readers

ArtsentaLilliput Library no 32 went to Dunedin’s Artsenta to be decorated. We had no idea what the team there would come up with!

Artsenta 2Every now and then they would send me a progress photo. Cutting, arranging, matching and gluing all those tiles was a major team effort.

Artsenta 3We were really keen for them to take their time as by now we knew the end result was going to be amazing!

Artsenta 4There was just one thing missing from my calculations. I hadn’t thought about the weight the tiles would add to the Lilliput!

Artsenta 5

When I went to collect it my car was parked down the road. I couldn’t even lift this Lilliput! Luckily one of the guys carried it to my car for me.

Another angle

Lilliput Library no 32 has found a wonderful home at 32 Hargest Crescent, St Kilda.

Hargest Cres

Margaret McTear is the Guardian for No 32. It looks as though it’s been comfortably sitting on her fence line for years. Have a look, take a book.



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