Paper Road Press books

My friend Kura Carpenter’s debut novel will be published next year by Paper Road Press. Look out for it early in 2017 – Wicked by Blood: the Kingfisher’s Debt. 

Kura and Ruth with Lilliput Books

Ruth and Kura unpacking the Paper Road Press books

So with that connection Paper Road Press sent a box of their books down to Dunedin for our Lilliput Libraries.

Lilliputs ready for collection at the Blokes Shed

Kura and I collected some more Lilliput Libraries from the Taieri Blokes’ Shed yesterday. The guys have made us 12 and they’re going to make another 12 Lilliputs – a new design this time, thanks to my good neighbour Muz.

Don, Ruth and Des at the Blokes shed

Don and Des with Ruth

Don and Des are my ‘go to’ guys at the Taieri Blokes’ Shed. Don makes sure the project runs smoothly and everyone sticks to the plans. Des is the treasurer – a very important person to have on my side!

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