Hunt the Lilliputs


If anyone is interested in a Hunt the Lilliput tour then take yourself to our three Andersons Bay Lilliputs sited at 21 Hunt St, 44 Merchiston St, and 218 Musselburgh Rise. Then look out for more at 17 Cashel St, South Dunedin, 29 Lees St, Central City and 1 Muri St in Aramoana. Head down the peninsula to 68 Greig St Broad Bay – more are planned for the peninsula but they’re still in the building stages! Calton Hill has a cool Lilliput at  51 Waimea Ave and finally our outpost Lilliput is at Swansea Street, Middlemarch.

Open for business

Our next series of Lilliputs will be located at Opoho, Macandrew Bay, Liberton, Belleknowes, Caversham, Warrington, Waldronville, Harwood, Wakari, Sawyers Bay, Bayfield, St Clair, Sth Dunedin, St Leonards and Waverley.


At the moment we have a large number of people waiting for a Lilliput Library  but I’d still be pleased to hear from anyone keen to host a Lilliput in a suburb we haven’t got covered. If your street has plenty of people walking by and you’d like to talk about becoming a Lilliput guardian please get in touch with me – Ruth.  waitingroompoems(at)gmail(dot)com. Please replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with .

51 Waimea

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