Off to the country

This Lilliput Library was in Middlemarch but due to a change in circumstances the owner has asked us to relocate it. New site will be announced soon. Sheryl McCammon has given this library a country makeover – with corrugated iron decorating the roof and ivy trailing around the door.


Sheryl is busy painting another Lilliput Library right now – it’s bound for Merchiston Street in Andersons Bay. She’s got her heart set on painting one more – design and destination still to be decided.

We’re planning to establish at least another 20 Lilliput Libraries in Dunedin next year. If you haven’t got your name on the waiting list and would like to have one, let me know. Requirements are –  to live in a non rental property in a street where there is considerable foot traffic and, be willing to look after the library and keep it restocked. We’ll supply you with a library stocked with books and support you in any way we can. You will need to organise the siting of the library on your property and for the 2016 libraries we would appreciate a small donation to Poems in the Waiting Room so we can continue to build Lilliput Libraries – see the donation tab at the top.  Thanks, Ruth.


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