Katie with the Bunnings’ prototype Lilliput Library.

This morning I received an email from Katie, she’s the Bunnings’ Dunedin Activities Organiser, to say they had a mock-up Lilliput Library ready for me to come and look over.

So once the frost cleared I strolled down the hill to meet up with Katie and the Library. Over the coming weeks they are making me several Lilliput Libraries, for free.  This is an amazing gift to the Dunedin Community. Immense thanks to the Bunnings team.

I’ve been on the lookout for artists to paint the Librarys. I emailed Aroha Novak to see if she knew any young people who might be keen. Aroha has been a terrific help and not only is she looking after the painting of a Library but she’s also liaised with the Caversham Community Group who would like to have a Lilliput. The location is still being organised.

I am amazed and yet I shouldn’t be. Dunedin has such a terrific community spirit with people who are happy to help and just get stuck in when it comes to assisting with projects. THANK YOU to everyone who has responded to my ‘out of the blue’ emails. I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon.


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