Another step in the right direction


I collected the Lilliput Libraries business cards this morning – a friend donated her design time and printing costs to the project – so another step towards the Lilliput Libraries becoming a reality.  I’m planning to leave some of these cards in each Library so people can get in touch if they have a ‘load’ of books they’d like to donate or even if they just want to make a comment about the project.

When Lilliput’s progress appeared to have ground to a halt I applied for funding from Creative NZ Creative Communities Dunedin Scheme. The project appealed to the funding team who agreed to my request for money to get the project off the ground!  Derek from Cargill Enterprises is talking to his boys this afternoon and hopefully I’ll have news by the end of the week as to a start date.  Rod from Cargill Enterprises is building a prototype in the next couple of weeks and once I’ve checked it out, he’ll build another 9. Marvellous!

I spent several afternoons, earlier in the year, visiting all Dunedin’s Hardware Outlets hoping to interest  them in the project – either by providing cheaper or free building materials for the construction of one library.  The result of my visit to Bunnings was more than I had even hoped for. They offered to supply free materials and build me 10-15 Lilliput Libraries during their quieter winter period.  So I’m looking forward to the start of the Bunnings Lilliput project, not that I wish Bunnings a quiet time of course.  I’m meeting with Katie at Bunnings in a fortnight so more news then.

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